Adult Classes

Our adult classes are suitable for beginners and experienced martial artists at any level of fitness.

We focus on easy to apply techniques that work on reflex ability. 

All our techniques are designed and engineered to get you out of a bad situation as fast as possible, If you can’t escape the situation you are taught how to handle it as efficiently as possible. 

Our Krav Maga techniques are all about ending things before the fight starts. 

If the fight has already begun we teach what we call “non competitive MMA” which basically means, Dirty fighting.

When are classes?

For our full time table please visit 


How long do classes last?

Our Thursday classes last for 1 hour 30 minutes, Our Sunday class is 2 hours  long. Although Sunday we do offer and extra 30 minutes if sparring for Yellow belts and above.

What age range are classes?

Our adult classes start at age 15 and have no age limit

What do classes entail?

All our classes start with a short warm up and stretch, After that every class is different. As a new student you will work on basic striking, drilling techniques and stress testing those techniques. Yellow belts and above will also partake in sparring and grappling.

I am not very fit, is this a problem?

No, Fitness in class comes. There is no laborious long runs or endless sit ups, however there is a basic fitness test at the end of each grading. Yellow belts and above are expected to keep their own fitness regimes outside the club. Fitness advice can be given by our qualified instructors.

How much does this cost?
ourr monthly membership is:
£35 per month for 1 lesson a week
£50 per month for unlimited lessons per week (not including private lessons).

All our members are required to pay a £16 yearly membership cost to The British Combat Association – This covers your personal insurance and is legal.

What safety equipment is needed?
From Yellow belt onwards you are required to have:
Gum shield
Groin Guard (optional)
Shin Guards
16oz Boxing Gloves

You can wear 8oz MMA gloves and hand wraps for padwork if you want. 

All this equipment is available online fairly cheap and we are happy to point you in the right direction.

What do we wear?
Comfy sports clothes. 
Shorts, tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt. Clothing can be torn so make sure its not your best stuff. 

Club T-shirts are available but not essential. 

At blue belt a Gi will be required. There is a lot of movement that requires utilising your attackers clothing against them – A Gi basically ensures your clothes aren’t being damaged every week. 

Please do not wear clothing with zips as they can hurt your training partner. 
Ensure all nails are trimmed as we train barefoot on Mats. If you have any issues with barefoot please don’t think you have to bring it up, Just leave your socks on and no one will ask. 

Do you have female only classes?

No. The sad fact is as a Woman, you are more likely to be attacked by a man – So you should really train against someone who represents this. It is our firm belief that Women’s only self defence classes breed flash confidence that will only end up getting you hurt. This is why all our classes are mixed.
IF you are unsure about mixed classes you can have a smaller private group class of up to 3 with our head instructor where we can pressure test you against a male counterpart. 

Where do classes take place?

Currently all classes take place at:
51a Weld Road, Birkdale
(Down the side off Coast, Above VIP HQ)