Rebel Martial Arts Southport teaches a bespoke style of self defence designed specifically for street level defence and combat. Combining traditional Krav Maga with eastern martial arts, we have taken the best from what we know and developed it in to a progressive system focusing on what works in all situations.

Our adult classes focus on bringing violence in to a fight before the violence is brought to you. 

Not only do we teach you techniques that could save your life, but we also put you under stress tests to simulate real life situations to ensure that what we teaches works and that you will not panic when the time comes to use what you know.

Is Krav Maga suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Everyone who starts at our club is considered a beginner and treated the same. You will work in groups of new starters overseen by one of our instructors or senior students. The techniques are designed to be simple and effective so everyone can learn them.

I am studying other Martial Arts, is this a problem?

In short, no. Many of our students currently study several Disciplines or have come from other Martial Arts backgrounds. Krav Maga is non competitive so you will be learning different things than you will in your other clubs, however  you will more than likely see some similar moves as we are a mixed martial art with many influences.

Is Krav Maga safe?

As with any Martial art or physical sports, Krav Maga can lead to injuries. It comes as part of the deal that occasionally a martial arts practitioner will be injured. However at Rebel Martial Arts Southport we pride ourselves on a safe working environment. All techniques are taught slowly and drilled with the correct safety equipment before being stress tested. All lessons are overseen by Instructors as well as Senior students to ensure that injuries are kept to a minimum and safety comes first. 

Do you have female only classes?

No. The sad fact is as a Woman, you are more likely to be attacked by a man – So you should really train against someone who represents this. It is our firm belief that Women’s only self defence classes breed flash confidence that will only end up getting you hurt. This is why all our classes are mixed.
IF you are unsure about mixed classes you can have a smaller private group class of u to 3 with our head instructor when can pressure test you against a male counterpart. 

I’ve never done any Martial arts and I’m too old. Is this suitable?

Yes, you are never too old   and unless you have trained with us already, it’s brand new to everyone.